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Get my FREE eBook which also includes my exclusive coaching video, completely free. This video will walk you through each section of the ebook to make sure your implementation is successful.




I’m now in the greatest shape of my life but it hasn’t always been this way. Not long ago I was 60 lbs overweight, had low energy levels, low back pain and specifically low confidence. I eventually became sick and tired of being sick and tired. I tried several fad diets including low carb and keto along with countless hours of cardio each week and those things just aren’t sustainable. I love burgers and beer and I wasn’t willing to give those things up so I decided to figure it out on my own. I got to work and used all of my knowledge and experience as a registered nurse, personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and finally figured it out. But it was a tough road with many challenges along the way.

I was always told I needed to avoid my favorite foods and exercise non-stop to get results. But after finally figuring out the perfect system to follow I got REAL RESULTS. I went on to drop the weight, reduce my health risks and gain my confidence back. But the MOST IMPORTANT transformation I had was finally becoming an amazing role model for my son and being the leader of my family in every aspect. I believe every father has the moral and ethical responsibility and obligation to prioritize their health so they can be around to watch their kids grow up to pursue greatness. That is why I started Dad Bod Health. I wanted to show other men how simple it can be to get healthy so they too can be around long term for their children. 

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Rob Fountain

Jason Priest has helped me get closer to the man that I knew was always on the inside. Don’t kid youself, it will take hard work and consistent effort on your part.

Jason worked with me to get to know where I was at in my health and habits. Then he gave me a road map to het where I told him I wanted to go. I told him I was sick of making excuses but I was just plain uneducated. He fixed that. He took the time to explain why the mean plan was set up a certain way. He walked mew through the workout plan and explained how the structure would help me reach my goals.

Jason helped me change fitness from an activity to a lifestyle. If you’re done making excuses and ready to honestly put in the real effort then I’m positive Jason can help you do the same.


Jason Priest at Dad Bod Health and his program are 100% legit. I took a huge risk by hiring Jason who lives 5 hours away from me.

The ease of his individual customized program was completed through weekly phone calls and use of an app. Meal plans, workouts, and body stats are all easily tracked through the app. Jason and I became more than a trainer/trainee during our four months together – we became friends and he became a mentor for me.

During the program, I lost 20 pounds, started eating better and got my dad bod toned up which was my goal. I have maintained my weight for four months (the last two of the program and now the two months following the program). I have set new goals for my health and stay in contact with Jason on my progress.

You will NOT regret getting uncomfortable to get your health back so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Mark M.

Extremely Satisfied!

Dad Bod Health is the only way to get all your fitness and nutritional goals dialed in. Jason is one of the most genuine and helpful people I have come across in any industry. He is very knowable when it comes to putting together a complete routine. He is always available and willing to make tweaks as you go through the training. He is very dedicated to helping you reach your goals and it shows with the amount of attention and time he puts into you. This program is nothing like anything else I have heard of or been through. While still getting results I was able to even eat pizza and burgers. I would highly recommend anyone to Dad Bod Health, whether you are a novice, a gym rat, a busy professional, or a stay at home dad, he can and will help you. Jason will make sure you get the results you are looking for! Thank you, Jason and Dad Bod Health.


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