There are many different patterns of alcohol consumption and I am only going to address a couple. I realize some people consume large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis. These people typically have an extremely difficult time losing weight. Those same people usually have other health complications that accompany weight gain and this post is not referencing those individuals.

Some more common scenarios are people who casually drink a couple beers or a couple glasses of wine each night. As well as those who save most of their drinking for social situations on the weekend.

The first group, those who have a couple drinks per night during the week AND on the weekends are essentially chasing their tails when it comes to burning fat. The issue here is that your body views alcohol as a toxin and in order to get into fat burning mode it must first get rid of this toxin.

I want you to consider this as you move forward. Every beer or glass of wine you consume during the week produces toxins. I would never tell anyone not to consume alcohol. Heck, I have at least a couple beers every single weekend. But I want to caution you against this vicious cycle if you are not getting the results you desire.

Think before you drink! My formula is quite simple. Save the alcohol for the weekends so that you can have 4-5 days in a row where you can get into the fat burning zone much quicker. If you are frustrated with the lack of results you are getting in the gym or wherever you work out, try reducing your alcohol intake during the week.

You will appreciate it more on the weekend and your body will appreciate it more as well. Not only for your short-term fitness results, but for your long-term health.